Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 25: The Written Word

My very favorite thing to do is to read.  There is nothing as relaxing as sitting down with a good book, a cup of coffee, and a biscotti to immerse myself into a story.  I am fairly eclectic in my book selection.  However, I tend to go with science fiction, fantasy, romance if well written or with an interesting twist, and mystery.  Once in a while, I will pick up a biography or thriller.  I like books with good character development that move the story forward quickly.  I am not into detailed descriptions of backgrounds and scenery.  Good dialog, interesting people, and a bit of unpredictability will always draw me into a book.

I have a particular admiration for authors who are skilled crafters of the written word.  There is a certain beauty in words; especially when a story is so well written that the reader is lost in the book's world.  Have you ever read a book where you were so involved in the world that you felt bereft when it was done?  There is a lingering sadness that this world is over.  This is a sign of a great author who knows how to use the written word to maximum effect.

I am always reading a book.  Sometimes I am even reading 2 at a time.  I have some books that I read on my Kindle; others that I read in actual book form.  This is because I have collections of books by some authors that I continue to buy the physical book so that I can add to my collection.  I also have a lot of ebooks on my Kindle.  I often try new authors when they offer their ebooks on specials.  These are usually books that are interesting and enjoyable but not books that I necessarily love.  Once in a great while, I stumble across a new author or series that become favorites.  I love it when this happens!

I hope that you have an opportunity in the near future to sit down with a good book, a beverage of your choice, and discover the joy of reading and the beauty of the written word delivered by a great author.  If you have any reading suggestions, please comment on this post.  I am always looking for new recommendations for books.

Have you found your joy today?

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