Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I have to admit that I don't understand why some normally reasonable people have such an issue with gay marriage.  I am a woman who believes in marriage.  I have been married 39 years and am very proud of the loving relationship that my husband and I have.  Most people I talk to believe that marriage is a wonderful way to show a commitment to love and care for each other through the good and the bad.  So, why isn't this a good thing for everyone?  Why should it matter who your partner is?

I don't usually write in my blog about political issues, but this is one that is very important to me; and I am very puzzled about the attitudes of those portrayed in the commercials we are seeing on TV.  I wonder how they developed the opinion that gay marriage is so wrong.  I can only believe that they are ignorant and have never been blessed with experiences that would change these intolerant views.  I have many friends and family who are in the GLBT community. I have seen the love that they have for one another.  The commitment that they have for their partners is exemplary.  While I believe that I am a tolerant, accepting person to begin with, I know that my friendships with these wonderful friends have helped me understand the issues that they face in our society.

Not too long ago, I backed a film on Kickstarter called Bridegroom: An American Love Story.  This documentary tells the story of a gay couple and the terrible saga of what happened to the surviving member when one died.  He was denied so many rights that would have been afforded if gay marriage had been recognized.  It is a compelling story that explains why gay marriage must be embraced by our society.  I encourage all of you to view their story.  So many are not allowed to support their partners through illness and their children's welfare is often put at risk.  This is a true tragedy.  

I cannot imagine how I would have survived some of the things in my life if my husband did not have the legal rights afforded to him through marriage.  I shudder to think of what this would have done to our children if he hadn't had the rights to support, care for, and guide them under the law as a parent.  Who are we to deny these rights to others?

We are America!  Our country has been built on accepting those who are different from us.  It is true that we have had to fight for it at times.  Many immigrants from different countries and cultures have learned how to get along.  Those of us who are my age remember the Civil Rights struggles and the fight to overturn laws against interracial marriage.  We are a proud country and have to continue the fight to ensure that ALL people have the same rights.  The right to marry the person you love is a right-not a privilege.  We cannot deny this right to anyone!  So join the fight, and vote No on the amendment next week. Embrace the joy of tolerance, acceptance, and human compassion.

Have you found your joy today?

Monday, October 15, 2012


I haven't written in quite a long time.  I think that there are many reasons for this.  For one thing, I have been working on getting healthier by losing weight, and now I am attempting to exercise more.  The weight loss is going well because I recently had vertical sleeve surgery.  It has taken all of my time and effort to make sure I am eating correctly and recovering from the surgery.  I now have more energy, my knees don't hurt when I go up and down the stairs, and I am a bit more active.  However, I need to start walking every day.  In fact, I really need to get the boxes off of the treadmill!

I've also been distracted by the political circus.  I hope that all of you are going to vote.  It's purely your choice which candidate you choose or how you might vote on local races and issues.  However, I do believe that voting is an important right that we need to exercise as citizens of this wonderful country we live in.

No matter which way you lean-right or left, conservative or liberal, republican or democrat: are you as tired as I am of all of the ads and commentary about the elections?  It seems like election season goes on forever! It is everywhere!

I also have noticed that many people have lost their sense of humor.  Luckily, I can still laugh when comics and talk-show hosts make fun of my favorite candidate or when friends forward Facebook entries making fun of my choice.  While I may not agree with the message, I still have an appreciation for the cleverness and humor that went into the message.  Why do we lose our sense of humor during this time?

I know that these are very important issues.  However, what happens to us that we can't step outside of our beliefs to understand the opposition's point of view?  I respect a person's right to believe differently than I do.  I forward Facebook entries that promote my viewpoint, but I don't expect that this will change what someone believes.  I do think that it is important that I stand up for what I believe, but I am retaining my sense of humor.

Needless to say, I can't wait for the election season to be over!  In the meantime, I will watch the debates, listen to the facts, and laugh at the jokes about all of the candidates.  At least, I can find some joy in our ability to make our voices heard through our votes.  Perhaps the laughter will help me get through this seemingly endless time before November 6th.  See you at the polls!

Have you found your joy today?