Monday, June 17, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 17: First Birthdays

There's something special about birthdays when you are a child.  You can't wait for your next birthday.  It fills you with hope, laughter, and joy.  However, there is something beautiful about a first birthday!

Today is my grandson's first birthday.  We had a special party with friends and family to celebrate this weekend.  It was such fun!  It was a gorgeous day so we were able to spend the afternoon on our deck.  Family and friends mingled and chatted.  Kids played on the swing set in our yard or with the toys on the deck.

Food was shared, and of course, there was birthday cake.  We all surrounded my grandson, Tyler, as he was given his own special birthday smash cake.  Many pictures and videos were taken as he first delicately tasted the cake-then grabbed with his fists.  We all laughed as he smiled with his cake-smeared face and raised his arms, "Hooray!"!

Tyler's older sister, Abbey, practiced saying "Happy Birthday" for days.  She also helped pick out balloons for the occasion.  Abbey had her own special balloon for the day: Elmo, her personal favorite.  She enjoyed the day a lot!

First birthdays are very special.  They are close enough to that miraculous day when a new life joined our family.  It is a time for parents to reminisce about the birth of their child.  It is a time for family to pour over pictures chronicling the milestones of the year.  Most important: it is a time to celebrate a job well done in raising this baby into a toddler.

There is great joy in this accomplishment as we all join together as a family and look ahead to many birthdays to come.

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Have you found your joy today?

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