Saturday, June 15, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 15: Get-Togethers

My husband and I are very fortunate to have a great group of friends.  One of the members of our group used to have a restaurant where we would all gather together.  We called it Party Town!  She has since sold the business to spend more time with her family, but we have all missed having a gathering place.  We would try to get together occasionally.  Small groups of us meet for lunch or dinners, but we have not had anything organized for quite sometime.  This has fortunately changed recently!
Our organizer, Kelly

One member of our group, Kelly, has taken the time to develop a schedule of monthly get-togethers.  She has put together a list of dates, times, and locations for the rest of the year.  She sent it out to everyone; whoever can make the event, shows up!  Last month's event was pizza.  Tonight there was a barbecue at her house. Huge thanks go out to Kelly for organizing these Party Town events!

It is so much fun to see everyone!  I love this group of friends.  There is a beauty in the difference in ages, perspectives, jobs, and lifestyles.  Everyone is accepting and loving.  The hugs and caring of this group are amazing.  I am so happy that Kelly has brought us all together.  It is too easy to grow apart. 

We are a large group, and as lives change, we also having people move away.  Marcia moved to Idaho, Vince and Bridget are moving to Florida, and Becky and Sara may soon be moving to Colorado.  It is sad to see people go even though we are happy for them.  Thankfully, Facebook will keep us in touch.  

No matter where each of us ends up, we will always be Party Town friends!  I'm looking forward to our upcoming monthly events, seeing the friends who can attend, and keeping up with everyone through Facebook.  I hope everyone remembers to post lots of pictures!  

Have you found your joy today?

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