Sunday, June 23, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 23: Power

While Don and I were in Milwaukee, our two sons, Dane and Drew, and our daughter-in-law, Claire, were dealing with a power outage at our house.  There was a major storm that went through the Twin Cities Friday evening which took out power in over half a million homes in the Twin Cities.  Not having power is certainly an inconvenience,  Unfortunately, since the sump pump didn't have power, we had flooding in our newly remodeled basement.

This is the tree that took our the power lines  
Since we were gone for the weekend, our children had to take care of dealing with the power outage.  They have done a wonderful job!  They dug out the generator in our garage, hooked it up to the sump pump and refrigerator, and rigged a system to siphon the excess water while working on these solutions.  They stayed up throughout the nights to monitor the sump pump and generator so that further damage was mitigated as another storm moved through.  Dane also managed to work throughout the weekend at Canterbury Park.

It is also no surprise that Claire managed to keep everyone fed (hunting and gathering) while entertaining 2 small children.  Dane set up a system so that they could charge their electronics which helped a lot.  Claire resurrected radios so that the grandkids could dance to music in the living room.  Drew moved to our room at night so he could listen for his kids since the monitors weren't powered.  They all managed to share flashlights,  pool batteries as needed, and use lanterns for bathroom visits.

This has taught me the beauty of power: not just electrical power but also the power of family and of intellect.  I am so proud of how they took care of everything while we were away and so grateful that they were here to resolve issues so quickly.  Their combined problem solving was pretty amazing.  How lucky we are to have such wonderful young adults in our family!

Have you found your joy today?

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