Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Days of Joy: Day 5-Encouragement

As I look back on my life thus far, I am struck by all of the help I have had.  Obviously, it started when I was very young when my parents were helping me navigate this wonderful journey called life.  As I moved from Miami to Wisconsin to Minnesota, I encountered some wonderful people who helped me figure out the new culture of each new school I attended.  Then I made the great journey to college.

During the first week of my freshman year, I met someone who ultimately changed my life-my husband.  While I didn't particularly like him at first, I later found that he was my very best friend and my love.  I was very unsure of myself at that time, but he has always believed in me and my ability to accomplish anything I set my mind to.  His encouragement has been an important component in making me who I am today.

While I moved in my career from teacher to mentor to administrator to director, I always had people who helped me along the way.  Without their support and encouragement, I'm not sure that I would have been able to grow and accomplish all that I've done.  Keeping that in mind, I have made sure to encourage others along the way.  I had many student teachers whom I encouraged.  Then when I was an adjunct professor at St. Thomas, I encouraged the teachers I was helping to prepare.  Once I entered Human Resources, a lot of my time was spent in career counseling and encouraging others in seeking their dreams.  In fact, here is my philosophy statement from my professional portfolio taken from a song called 

Life is beautiful,
And life is good,
But life will never, never be easy
Like we sometimes wish it could.

I believe we were all meant to succeed.
I believe we were all born to win.
You might stand alone at the top of the victory stand
But you get there with the love and support of your friends.

It takes a pat on the back,
It takes a hand to hold,
It takes some words of hope that touch your heart and soul.

It takes encouragement, encouragement.
That fragile bridge between your dreams and accomplishment.
Surround yourself in this human experiment
With those who proudly wear the badge of encouragement.
By Don Wharton

At this time, I know several people who are starting new endeavors or encountering challenges with work or struggling with the day-to-day challenges of life.  I believe that Facebook has been a wonderful tool for many of them to keep them going.  I also believe that it has been a wonderful means to communicate our encouragement and support.  As I have mentioned before, many of the people connecting have never actually met each other.  Many live in different cities or even different countries, but they still show great compassion and encourage one another in life's daily struggles.  This is so powerful!

As you go through your day today, think of those who might need a little encouragement and see if you can bring them a little joy to make their way a bit easier.  You never know!  Your message or picture or response to their need may be just what they need to get through this trial or work through this block to their success.  You may be able to bring some joy to someone else, and you never know!  It may come back to you.

Have you found your joy today?


  1. Certain people have a knack for what you do. I marvel at your wisdom, your patience, your strength and your joy. You are an inspiration and I am blessed to know you.

    1. I feel that I do so little. This is my way of trying to reach out, to share some musings, and challenge myself to write more often. Thanks for your comment. I often think that what I'm writing about isn't very interesting to others but then I get a response to one of my posts. It helps! I am the one who is truly blessed.