Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 Days of Joy: Day 2-Flowers

I spent a lovely hour at Bachman's on Friday.  Whether I buy or just browse, it is a joy-filled hour for me.  One of my earliest memories of childhood was wandering through my grandmother's flower garden in Mississippi when we would visit each summer.  She didn't have much money, but she would harvest the seeds of her flowers each year so she could plant again the next year.

 I was particularly intrigued by her passion flowers, because they were so unusual.  I also loved her Cosmos.  I now plant them in my garden every year, and they bring back such wonderful memories of an innocent time in my life.

Another early memory is living in Miami Shores, Florida when I was very little and having Lantana in the yard of our duplex.  The individual little blooms in such vibrant colors were fascinating to a young toddler. They have such an unusual odor when you touch them.  I also plant them in my yard.  The aroma instantly brings me back to another time.

Obviously, my love for flowers began very early.  I know that I owe this to my mother.  She loved flowers, too, and shared this love with me.  In my stressful years as an HR Director, I would often take a little break by losing myself in the flowers I would encounter during my day.  My lovely husband often brought me flowers for my desk as he knew how much I loved them and needed them to get through my work day.

Today I will get to spend a few hours planting the flowers I bought yesterday.  I will then be able to enjoy them as they grow, expand, and flourish throughout the summer.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful here in Minnesota.  I hope that you will take a moment to really look at the beauty of the flowers surrounding you during the day.  It doesn't have to be in your yard or home.  Everywhere you go, there are flowers decorating the landscape.  It will also be a great day to visit the Rose Garden, the Arboretum, or a nursery near you.

If you get a chance, take a few pictures of the ones that you like. I have many flower pictures  that I use as backgrounds to bring me a little joy each time I look at my phone.  You will notice that this blog even has flowers as a background!  It really doesn't matter; just take a moment to find joy in the flowers around you.  Even better-share them with someone else as you create your Circle of Joy!

I am beginning to share flowers with my granddaughter.  When she was visiting last weekend, I showed her my roses by the front walk.  She pointed to them and said, "Oooh!".  And so it goes on to another generation: a love of flowers.  Take a flower break and pass it on...

Have you found your joy today?

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