Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 Day of Joy: Day 12-Help

I do not like having to ask for help.  It is one thing to ask my family members to get me a glass of water when they are in the kitchen or take something downstairs for me the next time they go down.  It is a totally different animal when I can't do things and have to ask for help.  This is the situation I find myself in today.  

I've fallen and I can't get up!
(You know you're thinking it!)
If you read yesterday's post, you know that I fell down the stairs yesterday and injured my foot.  It is much better today, but I still need crutches to get around.  We live in a split level house so I am spending the day upstairs in my bedroom.  I have a master bath nearby and a television with cable.  I am propped up in bed writing this blog and am fairly comfortable with my foot elevated and surrounded by a bag of ice.  However, I find that I need to ask for things that I normally would just get on my own.  This is frustrating and quite humbling.

My son texted me when he went to bed early this morning that I should call his cell if I needed anything.  This was truly an act of love, because he loves to stay up late and then sleep late.  His offer to sacrifice sleep for me is monumental.  In addition, my husband decided to stay home with me today so he could  take care of me.  So, I have willing helpers at my fingertips.  However, it is amazing how difficult it is to continually ask for help.  

At first, it was no problem, but as time goes on, I am finding it harder to ask when I realize that I need something.  I started by asking for some coffee and water.  Then I needed food and medicine.  Next I needed ice for my foot (it's working...the swelling is going down).  I tried to entertain myself by watching TV.  As much as I enjoy some programs (The Chew is now my favorite guilty pleasure), daytime TV does not do it for me!  I decided to continue reading a book on my Kindle since I can spend hours reading.  Guess what!  Its battery is low so after reading a short while, I had to ask my husband to recharge it for me.  I surfed my iPhone for awhile but that got old pretty quickly and was frustrating when I couldn't share some of my friend Liz's great pictures.  (She always finds the most interesting things!  Thanks, Liz!)  Of course, I finally had to ask for my laptop and then the power cord so it could be plugged in.  Now my husband and son are out getting some food for our late lunch.  Where will this end?

I think that most of us find it easier to help than to ask for help.  I know that I do!  I think it's good that we are hardwired to help others.  We should continue to do so.  I also think it's a good thing that we are independent and aren't always asking others to do things for us.  However, we have to be able to accept help when we really need it.  I know that the best way to help my foot heal is to stay off of it, not do the stairs if I can avoid them, and ice it as much as possible.  In order to do those things, I have to ask for help!

This song keeps playing in my head!

I am very thankful that I have people in my life who are willing and able to help me.  As hard as this is, I am finding great joy in the love that's being given to me: that includes my friends who have been sending me messages and hugs after hearing about my injuries.  My older son called me last night to see how I was doing and to do FaceTime so that I could see my granddaughter.  He thought it might make me feel better.  It did!  Her laughter, "love you"s, and smile brightened my day.  My sons and their obvious love and concern  fill me with joy!  My husband taking the day to be my mobile companion confirms our love and commitment to each other.  So among the pain and humility of asking for help, I have found tremendous joy.  What about you?

Have you found your joy today?

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