Monday, February 11, 2013

Weather Junkie

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of sleet hitting the windows of our bedroom.  For several days, we had heard weather forecasts predicting a winter storm warning for this weekend.  Yesterday was a day of wintry mix.  We started the day with freezing rain, followed by sleet, then snow, and now high winds.  If you were like us, you tuned into the news programs to get updates on the storm or you watched Facebook to view pictures posted showing road conditions.  You probably also spent time looking out your windows to see how much snow had piled up or to wonder at the large snowflakes.

I admit it!  I am fascinated with weather.  I know I'm not the only one.  So, why are we so interested in hearing the predictions and seeing the actual event?  This is true even if it isn't a local weather event.  I made sure to watch the news reports of the snow storm in New England and was amazed at the 3-4 feet of snow blocking city streets.  When the hurricane hit the east coast last fall, I watched with great interest.  I thought it was probably because I grew up in Florida and had experienced a hurricane firsthand.  However, I now realize that I am a weather junkie!

Before I retired, I always wanted to watch the weather report so I had an idea about what road conditions I would be facing on my drive to work.  This allowed me to plan to get up earlier if needed or brace myself for a difficult commute.  However, now that I am retired, I still have to catch the weather news.  I will admit that it is great that I can watch and know that I don't have to join the Monday morning workers as they navigate their way through slippery, snow-covered streets and neighborhoods.  In fact, I am looking forward to staying home and enjoying the beauty of the snow.  I know that I won't have to wake up early to check the school closings.  I can instead watch the birds at the feeders while I drink my cup of coffee and celebrate the fact that I don't have any appointments to travel to tomorrow.

I know that the weather will change again, and I will once again search for weather news.  For now, I hope that all of you are safe and warm.  I wish you easy driving if you have to go out today.  If you weren't able to do so yesterday, take a moment to discover the beauty of the winter weather surrounding you.  I hope that you find great joy in being in the moment of snowflakes landing on your eyelashes, snow crunching under your boots, and the laughter of children playing in the snow.

Have you found your joy today?

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