Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but I am ready for spring!  In my opinion, it is time for the snow and ice to go away.  The last few days have been sunny, and the temperature has been above freezing.  I have watched and listened to the drips from the roof as if they were signs that spring is just around the corner,  However, as a Minnesota resident, I know that we still have March to get through before spring will be here.  So, what can we do to keep the joy of spring alive?

I am thinking about the spring flowers that will be appearing in the next few months.  I recently bought a Watch 'Em Grow bulb garden to help feed my yearning for spring.  So far, mini irises and daffodils have made an appearance.  I am looking forward to seeing the hyacinths, crocuses, and tulips as they bloom in the upcoming days.  These reminders of spring bring me great joy and help satisfy my yearning for spring.

I think that sounds, smells, and visions of spring can help us survive these last gasps of winter.  Last night we attended a play at the Guthrie Theater-Other Desert Cities.  At the end of the play, rain falls.  I was amazed when the theater filled with the sound, smell, and humidity common with rain.  I was immediately transported to experiencing a warm spring rain.  It was wonderful!  I realized how much I am looking forward to spring rains and how the dripping of the roof reminds me of those times.  I am also waiting for the smell of hyacinths as my indoor garden blooms.

My mother used to laugh because I LOVED driving with the windows open when I visited her in Arizona.  After being cooped up inside of our winter houses, the fresh air flowing through the windows was invigorating.  Perhaps I was a dog in a former life.  I can totally relate to sticking my head out of the window-sniffing the air as the wind blows past me.  This full immersion of self into the environment is a true pleasure when I can finally open my windows and moon-roof as I drive or when I can open the windows in my home to allow the breeze and fresh air to flow through the house.

Spring is not that far away.  For me, it is truly a time of sensory enjoyment.  I am so excited for these experiences, but I know I still have some time to wait.  In the meantime, I will search for spring joy with visits to the Como Conservatory, trips to Bachman's Floral, and moments enjoying the birds outside my windows as my indoor garden grows!  What will you do as you wait for spring?

Have you found your joy today?

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